• 67 injection moulding machines with capacity from 7 to 4,000 tons of clamping pressure, and from 1 gram to 18 kilograms.
• 33% of our machines are 100% electric. Contributing to productivity and new clean technologies.
• Machine for 2-color and/or material injection.
• Injection of parts in engineering materials.
• Clean area of 100% electric machines for hygiene and food products.



We currently have more than 60 automatisms, where conventional automation is involved, making use of mechanisms integrated to PLC's, to execute activities, in addition to the integration of Cartesian and lateral extraction type industrial robots for our injection processes, 6 degrees of freedom robots for our assembly processes, adding to this a very important component such as artificial vision, all of the above, by a clear focus, where the implementation of this type of technology brings us closer and closer to Industry 4.0, thus becoming a world – class company.

Our Robots
• Cartesians: Sepro, Wittmann, Reis, Krauss Maffei, Engel, Yushin, among others.
• 4 and 6 degrees of freedom: Nachi, Motoman, Fanuc, Reis, Kuka, Scara- Epson.



• Additional systems for specialized injection: Sequential, gas-assisted and high-pressure air-assisted.
• We support process control through thermoregulators, temperature controls, mixers, etc.
• For raw material handling we have vacuum material supply systems, material central with dehumidifiers, heaters. Master and liquid pigment, gravimetric and volumetric dosing systems that guarantee precision and color stability.
• Overhead crane systems for mold assembly up to 50 tons.
• Chiller cooling systems and closed-circuit cooling systems, with tons of cooling for all machines, molds and equipment that require it to obtain stable, continuous, repetitive and highly reliable processes.


• Printing for injected parts with pad printing (4 colors) and hot stamping.
• Ultrasonic, vibration and high frequency sealing.
• Automated systems for Label-in-Mold processes.