Riduco S.A. is a manufacturing company with technical knowledge, experience and state-of-the-art technology; dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of injected and extruded plastic products, which guarantees its customers quality, confidentiality, timely delivery, technical support and its shareholders a return on investment with permanent growth, continuous improvement, efficiency, productivity, a competent team and social responsibility.


RIDUCO will remain a world-class company, increasing profitability and market share, as a strategic ally of its customers, through operational excellence and a productive team.


RIDUCO consolidates its business performance with ethical principles, strict attention to legal norms and the willingness to project its employees to be citizens with moral, social and professional values. We are committed to responsible management when interacting with stakeholders and the environment; as part of this philosophy, the company has among its objectives to contribute to the economic and social progress of the region and the country.


Corporate social responsibility program that guides the conduct of all our collaborators towards a transparent and integral administration for sustainable development.

Social Management

Our main objectives in human management, developing talent and improving the quality of life of our people are empower our people and be an excellent place to work. We do this with programs such as:
• Kaizen – improvement ideas – innovation systems
• Succession plan and career path.
• STANDARDIZED training plan in manufacturing
• School of Skills
• Flexible working hours
• Performance assessment and measurement of work climate
• Committee on Working Life


We are an environmentally responsible company that makes efficient use of natural resources and creates positive impacts for society. We optimize the water resource in the plants of Medellín and Manizales: project focused on saving water and energy, replacing conventional cooling towers with high-tech adiabatic systems. 61% savings in water.

• 47% of our machinery is electric for energy efficiency

• Energy Committee. Our goal is promote rational and efficient use of energy and reduce consumption and financial costs

• Environmental education and ecological awareness

• Measuring the carbon footprint

• Waste sorting and reuse of resins and packaging material

• Promotion of a culture of recycling

• In Manizales plants we use 100% renewable energy resources

Principles of
good corporate
governance and business ethics:

Our code of ethics and good corporate governance allows for transparent and integral management relations with our stakeholders, under the principles of the global human rights

Corporate Social Responsibility


No child labor

We do not support child labor, for this reason it is
forbidden to hire children or use them to perform any type of work.

Equitable remuneration

Salaries and benefits components are in
accordance with Colombian labor legislation.


When hiring, compensating, or dismissing personnel,
no discrimination is made based on the attributes of: race, national origin,
religion, age, political affiliation, disability, gender or sexual orientation.

Freedom of expression

We support the openness of ideas coming from
each employee, accepting feedback, different opinions, among others,
through open, frank and timely communications.

Occupational health and safety

We guarantee a safe and healthy environment for our employees by evaluating the risks of each activity.

Community Management

As a responsible organization, we look after the development of the community and society, directing our efforts to provide mechanisms to improve the quality of life, education and reduce poverty rates.


RIDUCO supports the Sagrada Familia Corporation, an NGO dedicated to providing comprehensive care to more than 350 pregnant mothers and early childhood population of vulnerable communities in Manizales city. This is achieved by making micro donations by workers, accompanying different spaces with talks on various topics, recreational activities and different moments in which the company shares with pregnant mothers.


We promote volunteering among our
employees so that they contribute with their working time, logistical and pedagogical support in the 17 life project workshops for pregnant mothers that the Sagrada Familia Corporation organizes.


The RIDUCO’s directors board allocate annual donations of profits. Donations are made in kind and money to non-profit entities of vulnerable population, low-income educational entities to encourage music education in the child population.